Building a better tomorrow.

Right now.

Our Objectives

People are at the heart of Marvellous. We seek to design products that help connect people all around the world, inspiring millions to make the world a better place.

Our Values

We want to make a difference. To change the world and bring the world closer together. We value diversity, innovation, creativity and adventurousness.

Our Family

Here at Marvellous, working with us means you're part of our family. And family takes care of each other. All of our employees are entitled to benefits and perks.

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Work and Benefits

Working at Marvellous Inc. means being part of the MarvFamily, and just like family, we’re always concerned about your wellbeing. Here are some of the perks of being part of our Family!


As a leading innovator in Medical Research, Marvellous knows that health is important. Benefits like great dental plan, a free all-covering health care, and maternity and paternity leave means a healthy family. For yourself and your loved ones.


Since we know family matters the most, taking care of your family is a priority for us. Be them medical appointments, a long ago planned vacation or even just taking your kid to soccer practice, the MarvFamily has got you covered!

Legal Team

Part of the Family means helping you, whatever it may be. And for that, our legal team is ready to assist you in any civil case, as long it doesn’t compromise the company. After all, you don’t want to hurt family, do you?


We give you the chance to change the world in a meaninful way. It doesn’t matter whether you are joining us as a lawyer or a Molecular Biologist. We at Marvellous Inc. are all walking hand in hand towards the same goal: to make a better tomorrow; right now.


Marvellous is home to many amazing minds from all around the world. Read what some of our most successful researchers have to say* about working at Marvellous Inc.!

“It’s a great place. We get to do state of the art research that is going to make the world a better place. Plus, MarvInc is a very liberal company, and I get to […] help people. I love […] MarvInc.”

Paul Verkeufen Head Engineer at Material Engineering Dept.

“Last weekend we had a hackaton at the company. 48 hours straight coding some new system, it was pretty great. Specially since we […] were very productive.”

Olivia Kavanagh Head Engineer at Software Development Dept.

“MarvInc is the best place for technical and logical self-improvement. And since the incident last month where all the interns were […] fiery enthusiastic […] or you could say they got a little HOT under the collar. […] Anyways, we got open spots, and any chump that can type will do.”

Janine Leubwitz Head Engineer at Robot Testing Dept.

*The views expressed by the employees of Marvellous Inc. do not reflect the views of the company. The above testimonials may have been altered to protect company IP and/or classified documents, and may not be the exact quotes by their authors.


Learn more about the many departments at Marvellous Inc.! Choose what fits you best and be yet another member of our Family!


Marvellous Inc. is always looking for creative and innovative minds, whatever their age may be. We grant full and partial scholarships to prominent young adults in STEM in the US, Europe and developing countries.

If you’re in College and interested in working with us, we also have open positions for undergraduate and graduate internships.


3213496886 Lives impacted
26 Innovation awards received
12945 Happy employees
163472 Articles published by our researchers

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The Robotics Branch, together with the Software and Microcoding Branch is now hiring software engineers with degrees in either Computer Science or Computer Engineering to a special position as a Robot Tester. Applicants to the position of Robot Tester must state so in their applications and apply using the below link.

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